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Wed, 7 Dec 2016MEDIAMOND Quote
MEDR interim results August 2016
Operating loss widened to R1.5 million (loss of R1.3 million). Loss for the year attributable to owners improved to R1.5 million (loss of R4.1 million). Furthermore, headline loss per share from continuing operations narrowed to 0.35cps (loss of 0.56cps)...more
Thu, 1 Dec 2016CHROMETCO Quote
Chrometco interim results 31 August 2016
No revenue was recorded for the interim period (2015: revenue of R1.4 million). Total comprehensive loss attributable to owners of the parent widened to R11.1 million (2015: loss of R4.6 million). Headline loss per share worsened to 8.06 cents per share (2015: headline loss of 2.23 cents per share)...more
Wed, 30 Nov 2016HUGE Quote
Huge interim results August 2016
Total revenue for the interim period rose to R116.0 million (R107.0 million) and gross profit grew to R52.3 million (R44.5 million). Operating profit was higher at R15.3 million (R14.1 million). Net profit attributable to owners decreased to R10.2 million (R12.6 million)...more
Wed, 30 Nov 2016OAKBAY Quote
Oakbay interim results August 2016
Revenue for the interim period jumped to R243.5 million (R130.7 million) whereas gross profit grew to R81.0 million (R29.5 million). Operating loss widened to R51.7 million (loss of R24.8 million). Loss for the period worsened to R68.2 million (loss of R43.5 million)...more
Wed, 30 Nov 2016LABAT Quote
Labat final results August 2016
During 2015, the Group changed its year end from February to August making the results incomparable. Revenue for the year was R14.3 million and gross profit came in at R7.6 million. Operating profit of R0.3 million was recorded. Profit for the period from continuing operations was R8.4 million...more
Wed, 30 Nov 2016IMBALIE Quote
Imbalie Beauty interim results August 2016
Revenue for the interim period was slightly higher at R48.9 million (R48.0 million). Gross profit rose to R27.0 million (R26.4 million). Loss before interest, taxation, depreciation and amortisation was R6.8 million (earnings of R0.8 million). Loss for the period worsened to R6...more
Wed, 30 Nov 2016WEARNE Quote
Wearne interim results August 2016
Revenue from continuing operations decreased to R199.0 million (R273.8 million). Gross profit decreased to R50.3 million (R56.4 million). Operating profit lowered to R8.2 million (R10.3 million). Loss for the year widened to R5.0 million (loss of R0.8 million)...more
Wed, 30 Nov 2016BAUBA Quote
Bauba interim results June 2016
Chrome ore revenue jumped to R78.7 million (R40.9 million). Gross profit shot up to R49.6 million (R25.4 million). Loss attributable to owners was R6.4 million (profit of R0.9 million). Furthermore, headline loss per share came in at 1.69cps (earnings of 2.65cps)...more
Wed, 30 Nov 2016SACOIL Quote
SacOil interim results August 2016
Revenue for the interim period shot up to R344.1 million (R3.0 million). Gross loss worsened to R4.6 million (loss of R4.2 million). Operating loss widened to R279.6 million (loss of R3.4 million). Loss attributable to equity holders came in at R221.4 million (profit of R10.6 million)...more
Wed, 30 Nov 2016AFDAWN Quote
Afdawn interim results August 2016
Revenue from continuing operations lowered to R16.0 million (2015: R20.7 million).. Gross profit decreased to R15.7 million (2015: R19.1 million). Operating loss widened to R5.3 million (2015: loss of R782 000). Loss attributable to owners of the parent from continuing operations was R7...more
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Expected results
9 DecBIKFeb 2016 FinalUnconfirmed
9 DecLDOSep 2016 InterimUnconfirmed
9 DecMRIAug 2016 InterimUnconfirmed
9 DecPCTSep 2016 InterimUnconfirmed
9 DecSCVSep 2016 InterimUnconfirmed
9 DecSNHSep 2016 FinalUnconfirmed
9 DecSTAAug 2016 InterimUnconfirmed
9 DecZPLPJun 2016 FinalUnconfirmed
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Upcoming Meetings
9 DecAIAAnnual General MeetingUnconfirmed
9 DecELIAnnual General MeetingConfirmed
9 DecELIShareholder MeetingConfirmed
9 DecMURShareholder MeetingConfirmed
9 DecSURAnnual General MeetingConfirmed
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Dividends pipeline
12 Dec LDRAONFinal0.17 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRAOOFinal0.17 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRCMHInterim0.55 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRECSP1Quarterly0.93 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRECSP10Quarterly0.93 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRECSP12Quarterly1.35 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRECSP15Quarterly1.35 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRECSP18Quarterly1.35 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRECSP3Quarterly1.35 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRECSP4Quarterly0.93 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRECSP6Quarterly1.35 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRECSP7Quarterly0.93 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRECSP9Quarterly1.35 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRHCIInterim0.45 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRIPFInterim0.61 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRLHCFinal0.92 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRNIVInterim0.18 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRNVEInterim0.05 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDROREFinal0.01 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRSREInterim0.01 (EUR)
12 Dec LDRTCPFinal0.18 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRTSHInterim0.34 (ZAR)
12 Dec LDRVKEInterim0.68 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateAWAFinal0.21 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateBWNInterim0.11 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateCMLFinal2.18 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateCTKInterim0.20 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateDIAFinal0.48 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateDIBFinal0.51 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateHSPInterim1.30 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateIAPInterim0.05 (AUD)
12 Dec PayDateINLPInterim4.39 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateINPPInterim0.07 (GBP)
12 Dec PayDateINPPRInterim5.00 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateINPRInterim4.09 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateMEIInterim0.03 (GBP)
12 Dec PayDateMRPInterim2.28 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDatePIKInterim0.30 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateRPLFinal0.02 (GBP)
12 Dec PayDateRTNFinal0.27 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateRTOFinal0.27 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateSARInterim0.32 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateSGAFinal0.50 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateSGBFinal0.30 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateSPPFinal4.10 (ZAR)
12 Dec PayDateSSSInterim0.43 (ZAR)
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Changes in Consensus
6 DecGFIchanged from BUY to HOLD
6 DecEXXchanged from SELL to HOLD
1 DecTRUchanged from BUY to HOLD
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