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Tue, 19 Sep 2017ALARIS Quote
Alaris final results June 2017
Revenue from continuing operations was recorded at R159.4 million (2016: R132.1 million). Gross profit increased to R115.3 million (2016: R97.1 million). Profit from continuing operations rose to R23.0 million (2016: R4.4 million)...more
Tue, 19 Sep 2017PUTPROP Quote
Putprop final results 30 June 2017
Property rental revenue for the year increased to R57.3 million (2016: R51.4 million), net profit from property operations rose to R53.8 million (2016: R48.1 million), profit and total comprehensive income for the year attributable to owners of parent jumped to R39.3 million (2016: R20...more
Tue, 19 Sep 2017AFRO-C Quote
Afro-C final results June 2017
Healthcare service revenue increased to R2.7 billion (2016: R2.4 billion). Profit before depreciation and amortisation grew by 28.23% to R498.2 million (2016: R388.5 million). Comprehensive net income for the year was 8.87% higher at R216.3 million (2016: R198.6 million)...more
Tue, 19 Sep 2017SASFIN Quote
Sasfin final results
June 2017

Total income for the year was lower at R1.167 billion (2016: R1.197 billion), profit from operations decreased to R245.6 million (2016: R304.6 million), profit attributable to equity holders of the Group fell to R176.6 million (2016: R224...more
Tue, 19 Sep 2017RMIH Quote
RMIH final results June 2017
Income from continuing operations rose 5% to R14.8 billion (R14.1 billion). Profit attributable to equity holders grew 12% to R3.3 billion (R3.0 billion). In addition, headline earnings per share from continuing operations jumped 19% to 234.2 (197.6)...more
Tue, 19 Sep 2017EOH Quote
EOH final results July 2017
Revenue for the year went up 21% to R15.5 billion (R12.8 billion) whilst gross profit grew to R5.1 billion (R4.1 billion). Operating profit before interest and share of equity-accounted profits rose to R1.8 billion (R1.4 billion). Profit attributable to owners jumped to R1.2 billion (R0.9 billion)...more
Mon, 18 Sep 2017DISCOVERY Quote
Discovery final results June 2017
Net income for the year went up 3% to R45.2 billion (R43.7 billion) whilst profit from operations was 8% higher at R6.2 billion (R5.8 billion). Profit attributable to ordinary shareholders jumped 21% to R4.4 billion (R3.7 billion). In addition, headline earnings per share increased by 20% to R683...more
Mon, 18 Sep 2017SILVERB Quote
SilverBridge final results June 2017
Revenue for the year grew to R93.1 million (2016: R86.4 million). Results from operating activities were R12.9 million (2016: R12.0 million). Profit and total comprehensive income for the year rose to R13.1 million (2016: R10.1 million). Headline earnings per share increased to 41...more
Fri, 15 Sep 2017VISUAL Quote
Visual final results February 2017
Revenue shot up to R11.1 million (2016: R2.8 million), gross profit increased to R3.7 million (2016: R2.5 million) whilst operating loss widened to R11.7 million (2016: loss of R10.4 million). Total comprehensive loss attributable to owners of the parent narrowed to R8.6 million (2016: loss of R11...more
Thu, 14 Sep 2017HOWDEN Quote
Howden interim results June 2017
Revenue rose by 20.7% to R848 million (2016: R702.8 million). Gross profit increased by 14.5% to R219.2 million (2016: R191.5 million). Operating profit shot up by 29.9% to R133.1 million (2016: R102.4 million). Profit for the period was 31% higher at R121.3 million (2016: R92.6 million)...more
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Expected results
20 SepCHPJun 2017 FinalUnconfirmed
20 SepELRJun 2017 FinalConfirmed
20 SepHILJun 2017 InterimUnconfirmed
20 SepREMJun 2017 FinalCo Estimate
21 SepBNTMar 2016 FinalNo Disclosure
21 SepBNTSep 2015 InterimNo Disclosure
21 SepGTRJun 2017 FinalConfirmed
21 SepPANJun 2017 FinalConfirmed
21 SepPGLJun 2018 InterimUnconfirmed
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Upcoming Meetings
20 SepMFIShareholder MeetingConfirmed
20 SepMIXAnnual General MeetingConfirmed
20 SepPBGAnnual General MeetingConfirmed
21 SepDLTAnnual General MeetingConfirmed
21 SepEPSAnnual General MeetingConfirmed
21 SepITEShareholder MeetingUnconfirmed
21 SepPHMShareholder MeetingUnconfirmed
21 SepSEPAnnual General MeetingConfirmed
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Dividends pipeline
22 Sep PayDateAGLInterim0.48 (USD)
26 Sep LDRARIFinal6.50 (ZAR)
26 Sep LDRDRDFinal0.05 (ZAR)
26 Sep LDRHYPFinal3.48 (ZAR)
26 Sep LDRMMIFinal0.92 (ZAR)
26 Sep LDRMSTFinal0.16 (ZAR)
26 Sep LDRSACInterim0.22 (ZAR)
26 Sep LDRSURFinal0.61 (ZAR)
26 Sep LDRTPFInterim0.30 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateADIFinal0.14 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateASRFinal8.00 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateBELInterim0.20 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateBIDFinal2.50 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateBILFinal0.43 (USD)
26 Sep PayDateBVTFinal2.64 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateCLIFinal1.15 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateCPIPInterim4.39 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateCSBFinal3.90 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateDSTFinal2.14 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateEPPInterim0.05 (EUR)
26 Sep PayDateGLNInterim0.04 (USD)
26 Sep PayDateGRTFinal1.01 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateHILInterim0.82 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateIPLFinal3.30 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateIPLPFinal4.32 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateKAPFinal0.21 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateMRFInterim0.03 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDatePGFPInterim4.39 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateSNTInterim3.36 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateTEXFinal0.55 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateTFGPFinal0.07 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateTORFinal0.03 (ZAR)
26 Sep PayDateWSLFinal0.03 (ZAR)
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Changes in Consensus
18 SepACLchanged from SELL to HOLD
30 AugASRchanged from HOLD to SELL
21 AugSBKchanged from BUY to HOLD
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